Bounce-Off, Game Review



This is the perfect tournament style drinking game!  I purchased it from Target for $11.99.

When the packaging includes a seal that says: “Winner of absolutely no awards, but who cares?” …I figured it must be good LOL!

It says 2-4 players for ages 7+ …BUT, as a 36 year old who is an avid fan of drinking games… I think this game would be best enjoyed one on one, with the winner playing the next opponent and so on!  We made it a drinking game by taking a swig/ sip for every time the ball did not make it onto the playing board… which was SO often, that drinking full shots was not an option… or passing out on the floor would be LOL!!

I highly recommend you try this out at your next game night...a great alternative to beer pong… where drinking dirty ping pong ball contaminated beer is not included!

I give this game 4 paws!

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