Olay Fresh Outlast, Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash Review


The delicious aroma of this body wash brings back all my childhood memories of strawberry picking with my family every Spring, …eating every other strawberry I picked, (not how it’s supposed to work LOL)!  Unleashing this cooling white strawberry & mint body wash in your shower, is as fragrant as sipping a yummy strawberry daiquiri …If only drinking in the shower was an acceptable, practical task!  Soooo, since it’s not LOL… this is the next best thing!  I picked this up at my local CVS for $7.29.

“Olay Fresh Outlast body wash is designed to work with your skin’s natural pH, so that with continued use, you get vibrant, fresh skin all day.”

After use, I am left with a refreshed feeling that outlasts my day.  At 700 ml/ 23.6 oz, …this bad boy will likely outlast 2015! LOL!!  I would definitely buy this product again… and if you’ve never been strawberry picking… you should absolutely rally up friends & family and make plans for next spring!

I give this product 4 paws!

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