BarkBox July 2015 Review


BarkBox promises to contain 4-6 dog treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products that are unique from anything they’ll ever send in later boxes.  They hold extremely high standards for all the edible items, sourcing only from USA, Canada, South America and New Zealand. Inside this month’s “Circus” themed BarkBox:

  1. Butcher’s Block LLC Trachea Chew, Retail $3  (This has been in several other boxes… but that is OK because Bubb loves them… SO much, that I actually bought a large bag of them from my local grocery store.)
  2. Nootie Hickory Bacon Jerky Chews, Retail $10  (These were also in the May box and Bubba did not like them.  So I’m not too excited to see these as a repeat item.)
  3. BarkMade Chicken Biscuits, Retail $8  (Bubba likes these heart-shaped treats… Healthy Dogma custom made them for BarkBox pups.)
  4. FabDog Circus Ticket, Retail $12  (This toy wasn’t very durable… Bubba punctured a hole in it within hours and I had to take all the stuffing & squeakers out.  As a stuffing-free toy, it has lasted longer!  It’s still around the house and is a go-to toy for Bubb right now.)
  5. BarkMade Circus Elephant, Retail $13  (Eugene the elephant is such an adorable toy!  His headpiece was the first to go… Bubb had that removed on day 1… as well as the tail and ears… and shortly after that, …the trunk.  This toy had medium to light durability for my rotty.)


$46 Total value and 5 items in this box.  I paid only $19 for it, with my 6-month subscription.  I was a little disappointed to see a repeat item in the box… especially one that Bubb doesn’t like.  

I was also a little surprised by the circus theme, with all the constant media over mistreated circus animals.  I haven’t been to a circus since hearing of the animal cruelty and unacceptable living conditions that go on behind the scenes of circus troupes such as Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.  Do your research before you decide to buy circus tickets!!  I refuse to fund the abuse of animals and so should you!

I give the July 2015 BarkBox 2 paws.

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