ASPCA Pixel Kitties 6 Squeaker Dog Toy Review


The Ross store I went to, actually had a pretty decent selection of dog toys… who knew?!  I of course was in there for a completely different reason and ended up buying my precious Bubba 2 toys LOL!  I purchased this ASPCA 6 squeaker Pixel Kitties toy for $4.99. I found the same thing online for $6.99 from and, but to be honest… I would pay more, directly from the ASPCA, if I knew the money was going to a good cause.  I will always support the cause to rescue & help animals in need!!


I love how Bubba cuddles his new toys.  With it’s 6 squeakers… it kept him very busy!!


The fabric is not very durable, so my rotty punctured through to a few of the squeakers relatively quickly.  I always keep an eye on Bubba when he seems to be intently chewing on a toy, so I can be sure he doesn’t ingest anything he shouldn’t be… if you purchase this toy for your medium to aggressive chewing pup… I suggest you do the same!

This toy is VERY cute and even though the squeakers are now removed, Bubba still loves to play with it …. his adorable smiling face is proof!

I give this dog toy 3 paws.

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