BarkBox August 2015 Review


BarkBox promises to contain 4-6 dog treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products that are unique from anything they’ll ever send in later boxes.  They hold extremely high standards for all the edible items, sourcing only from USA, Canada, South America and New Zealand. Inside this month’s “Summer” themed BarkBox:

  1. Butcher’s Block LLC Steer Stick, Retail $3  (American born & raised angus, slow roasted for 3 days… Bubba loved this chew!)
  2. Bocce’s Bakery Chicken Treats, Retail $10  (Made from all natural and human grade oat flour, chicken, pumpkin and rosemary… Bubba eats these treats, but I can tell he doesn’t love them.  I think it’s the pumpkin… as he isn’t usually a fan of pumpkin flavored treats.)
  3. The Crump Group, Inc. Beef Tendersticks, Retail $8  (Made from 100% beef… OMG Bubb gobbled these tendersticks right up!  I would definitely order these for him.)
  4. Harry Barker Rope Fire Hydrant, Retail $12  (The fire hydrant was a cute dog toy idea, but sadly it was not very durable.  Within an hour he chewed through the hydrant, tearing apart the rope and it had to be thrown away.)
  5. Delca Corporation Watermelon, Retail $11  (As you can see in the photo below, Bubb chewed through the corner of this toy, very quickly, giving him access to the stuffing inside.  I took out all of the stuffing and he played with the toy for another couple of weeks before it had to be thrown away.)


$44 Total value and 5 items in this box.  I paid only $19 for it, with my 6-month subscription.  Bubb is happy with new toys either way, but I’m always disappointed to receive toys in the box with low durability… especially when I subscribe to the large breed Bark Box. I’d pay a little more for longer lasting toys or would rather only 1 durable toy over 2 toys that last an hour each.

I give the August 2015 BarkBox 3 paws.

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