Review of Tarpon Springs Castle Winery & Groupon

I was super excited when I purchased this $39 special on Groupon for the Tarpon Springs Castle Winery… that is,… until I called the winery confirming the hours of operation and inquiring about the scheduling of my tasting!!  YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED!!

The first time I called, a woman answered… only after several seconds of fumbling the phone… and did not have a business greeting… just a simple “hello”.  This is how the convo continued:

  • ME:  “Hello, I purchased a Groupon for the wine & chocolate tasting for two and I wanted to use the Groupon this Saturday, …I see you are open until 6pm… how long is the tour?”
  • RUDE WINERY LADY:  “Oh my gosh ma’am, (…gasp!…) you can’t just show up when you’re using a Groupon,… you have to have an appointment!  You’ll have to call back Wednesday so I can pencil you in.”
  • ME:  “uh, okay… thank you.”

I was SO caught off guard by this woman’s rude attitude towards me… that I had no other words, but to say in my most confused voice… “okay,… thank you”!  I stewed over this conversation for the next 5 minutes… replaying it in my mind in disbelief… as I got angrier and more frustrated over her lack of phone etiquette to a potential customer.  So I called back… and this is how that convo went:

  • RUDE WINERY LADY:  “Yeah.”   …(No greeting… just “yeah”… seriously?!?!)
  • ME:  “Yes, I just spoke to you about visiting the winery this Saturday and you said I had to call back Wednesday so that you could pencil me in… and I’m just wondering why I can’t schedule an appointment now.”
  • RUDE WINERY LADY:  “Because I’m not at the winery ma’am, we aren’t open right now!!!”  …(in almost a shouting tone!!)
  • ME:  “I work in customer service and you are being extremely rude… so rude in fact that I don’t even want to come to your winery & I’m going to contact Groupon for a refund!”
  • RUDE WINERY LADY:  “I’m normally not this rude.”  …(NO apology or remorse of how she treated me,…what-so-ever!)
  • ME:  “Well you’re extremely rude right now!” … and I hung up her!!

Was this lady for real?!?  I later discovered that they aren’t open on Monday… the day I called… but why answer your phone then?!?  I immediately told all my co-workers, friends and family this story because frankly… it took me a while to get over it!… plus I wanted to be sure no one gave this winery any business!  In using Groupon, companies are essentially paying a fee for new customers and business… WHY THE HELL would an employee be SO rude to a brand new potential customer… especially one that loves wine so much and could have given you A LOT of business!?!  Their loss.

I immediately emailed Groupon to notify them of this horrible experience and to request a credit for the full amount of this Groupon I no longer had a desire to use.  Groupon customer service responded to my email with sincerity and credited my account for the full amount within 4 hours!!

I give the Tarpon Springs Castle Winery NO paws.

I give Groupon 4 paws!!  They are a Meowvalous company!

Here is the Groupon you should NOT purchase:





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