Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Cleansing Facial Wipes Review


I received these cleansing facial wipes in my July 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box.  Sugg. retail is $5.99 for 1 pack of 25 wipes.

I previously sampled and reviewed the blueberries cleanser from this same brand… and I did not care for it.  I gave it only 1 paw. These facial wipes however,… I love!!

Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh facial towelettes do a great job at gently cleansing, moisturizing and removing make-up at the same time!  It removes my blackest black eye liner and mascara with ease!  I really love the scent, not at all over-bearing… fresh and slightly fruity… because it’s formulated with blueberries, coconut, lemon peel and apple.

Free of parabens, phthalates and dyes, 99% natural and biodegradable… I will definitely be buying these again!  I am so crazy for facial cleansing wipes because they’re SO much more efficient than liquid cleansers and do a better job in my opinion!! Who doesn’t want maximum results with minimal effort?!

I give this product 4 paws!

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