Crazy Cat Lady, May 2016 Box Review


This is my first ever Cat Lady Box… and it delivered!  OMG I love this subscription already!! The May 2016 was “Cat Mom’s Day” themed, and included the following:

  1. Mother of the World’s Cutest Cat Shirt by Cat Lady Box, retail value $24.99  (This T-shirt is SOOO soft!  It’s not a cheap quality shirt… it’s already got that old comfy worn in feeling… and I love the graphic print!)
  2. World’s Best Cat Mom Mug exclusively by Cat Lady Box, retail value $12.99  (Just what I need… another mug… but I don’t care, this one is adorable… and I am the world’s best cat mom LOL!  Dishwasher and microwave safe too.)
  3. Shining Star Cat Earrings, retail value $14.99  (Cat Lady Box says these are the first earrings ever featured in one of their boxes.  I love them, with the star rhinestone as the cat collar… so cute!)
  4. Catnip Heart by Imperial Cat, retail value $2.99  (Sewn and hand-stuffed with potent organic catnip… my 8 month old kitten loves this toy, as you will see in the following photos!)
  5. Happy Flower by Loopies, retail value $5.99  (Stuffed with seriously strong catnip… Infinity loves this one too!)

Infinity is 8 months old and SUCH a poser!!  Here she is with the heart toy on one side of her face and the flower on the other… that must be some seriously strong catnip LOL!


Taking a nap with her new happy flower toy…


And now, she’s discovered that the box… is a toy too!




Total value is $62.00!  I bought a 3-month subscription for $115.99 and saved $17.39 with promo code “CATMOM” for Mother’s Day.  So after tax, I paid $105.51 for 3-months, making this box only $35.17!  I am so excited to see what arrives next month!!

I give this box 4 paws!

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