Crazy Cat Lady, June 2016 Box Review


This is my 2nd Cat Lady Box… and OMG I love this subscription so much!! The June 2016 theme was “Pampurr Yourself”, and included the following:

  1. Cat Butt Pillowcase Set exclusively by CatLadyBox, Sugg. Retail $31.99  (My favorite item in the box… LOL, so hilarious!)
  2. Handcrafted Artisan Soap by Purring Buddha, Sugg. Retail $7.95  (This shop was named after the owners special 3-legged cat… Buddha.  Their products are organic, cruelty-free, non-GMO, vegan friendly and eco-friendly.  I don’t typically use bar soap… but I will give this one a try.  I received the vanilla bean scented soap, called Serenity Meow… cute name!)
  3. Satin Catnap Sleep Mask exclusively by CatLadyBox, Sugg. Retail $12.99  (I don’t use sleep masks, so I will be selling this, or re-gifting it.)
  4. BONUS! Spa Washcloth exclusively by CatLadyBox, Sugg. Retail $3.99  (A nice little bonus in the box, to go with the “Pampurr” theme.)
  5. Imperial Cat Custom CatLadyBox Scratcher & Catnip Pouch, Sugg. Retail $5.99  (A quality scratcher, custom-cut to fit in the cat lady box, so the cats get a spa experience too LOL. Both of my kitty’s LOVE this… as you will see in the pictures to follow!)
  6. Multi-pet Catnip Loofa Cat Toy, Sugg. Retail $6.99  (As I was setting up the box contents photo for this blog, Infinity immediately took interest in this toy… you can see her sniffing the catnip in the photo LOL.  Since then though, she hasn’t played with it much at all.  I think it’s sort of big for a cat toy.)

Sable, my 16 year old orange exotic Persian, says… “If I fits… I sits!”  She does a great Grumpy Cat impersonation LOL.

Total value is $70!  I bought a 3-month subscription for $115.99 and saved $17.39 with promo code “CATMOM” for Mother’s Day.  So after tax, I paid $105.51 for 3-months, making this box only $35.17!  I am so excited to see what arrives next month!!

I give this box 4 paws!

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