Crazy Cat Lady July 2016 Box Review 

This is my 3rd Cat Lady Box… and I’m still LOVING this subscription!! The July 2016 theme was “Another Day In Purradise”, and included the following:

  1. Another Day In Purradise Tank exclusively by CatLadyBox, Sugg. Retail $17.99 (First ever tank top in a CatLadyBox and I’m glad to be a subscriber!  It’s very comfy… and it sure is another day in purradise when it’s spent with my little fur balls!)
  2. Shady Cat Beach Towel exclusively by CatLadyBox, Sugg. Retail $14.99  (Not a high quality towel fabric, but I LOVE the graphic print.  SO adorbs!)
  3. Silver Cat Clip Bookmark Set, Sugg. Retail $9.99  (This is a limited edition item for CatLadyBox.  I like this type of bookmark… that just clips on to the page… and it’s a bonus that they are cute kitties.)
  4. BONUS: Tropical Lip Balm,  Sugg. Retail unknown  (I love lip balm and this one is a yummy tropical flavor.)
  5. Palm Tree Catnip Toy by Loopies, Sugg. Retail $5.99  (Infinity is a catnip addict… so she of course immediately took a liking to this toy!  See the adorable photos below!)
  6. Catnip Beach Ball by Imperial Cat, Sugg. Retail $4.99  (Infinity is such a unique kitty… one of the many reasons I love her so much!  She loves to play fetch… like a dog LOL!  Even though this catnip ball is a little larger than the normal mice toys she favorites… she plays soccer around the house with it and attempts to carry it to me in her mouth.  It’s quite precious.)

Total value is $55!  I bought a 3-month subscription for $115.99 and saved $17.39 with promo code “CATMOM” for Mother’s Day.  So after tax, I paid $105.51 for 3-months, making this box only $35.17!  I am so excited to see what themes they come up with next!!

I give this box 4 paws!

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