PopSugar Must Have July 2016 Box Review

This is my 16th PopSugar Must Have box and review.  This is “a monthly delivery of fabulous surprises, curated by PopSugar Editor in Chief Lisa Sugar”.  The July 2016 Box contained the following:

  1. Sachajuan Hair in the Sun, Sugg. Retail $32  (This shampoo claims to protect hair from damaging UV rays and keep hair color vibrant.  I will test this out in the coming months and let you know what I think!)
  2. House of Pom Emoji Cocktail Napkins, Sugg. Retail $25  (I love these!  Exclusively designed for PopSugar… these Super cute, summer themed emojis are washable… so they are the ‘green’ way to serve up your drinks!)
  3. Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White, Sugg. Retail $30  (I’m not a fan of a scarf that is not worn for warmth purposes… I will be gifting this or selling it.)
  4. Pintrill Pineapple Pin, Sugg. Retail $12  (I love pineapple themed items… but pins… not so much.  I will also be gifting or selling this.)
  5. SunnyLife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder, Sugg. Retail $18  (My favorite item in the box! I recently saw this on Pinterest and thought it was the cutest thing I didn’t need… but had to have LOL.  I’m over-the-moon that this made it into this months box! I wonder if it will hold a wine glass?!  LOL!)
  6. European Wax Center Oh My Brow! Brow Highlighter in Pearl, Sugg. Retail $19  (This highlighting illuminator claims to be the “jack of all trades”… and can be used to lift brows, widen eyes, add glow to cheekbones or add a romantic touch to lips.  I am excited to try out all 4 options and report back my findings! Look for this review very soon.)
  7. Joe Chips Classic Sea Salt Retro Potato Chips, Sugg. Retail $1.49  (I love crunchy kettle chips… and these are no exception.  Mmmmm!)
  8. Trove $20 Gift Card  (Special Extra!  Cute, simplistic jewelry collection at troveup.com …but even with the $20 off… you will still be spending $50 or more.  A little pricey for me, for the minimalist product line… I most likely will not be using this gift card.)

$157 approximate Total value!  I pay $39.95 per month, which includes free shipping.  At no additional savings, 3-month and 6-month purchase options are also available.  This has been one of my favorite monthly subscription services, because they always deliver great products at an amazing value!  However… I am going to take a break from PopSugar Must Have, to try out some new monthly subscriptions.  I of course will still check out mysubscriptionaddiction.com every month… because I wont be able to resist seeing what I’m missing out on!

Again, I highly recommend this subscription, so if you want to give it a try, use code REFER5 for $5 off and sign up here:  http://popsu.gr/vrbQ

I give this box 4 paws!

Ipsy Subscription Review

Does a girl really NEED 12 new cosmetic bags a year?!

An old coworker was raving to me about this monthly subscription… and of course I’d heard of it… but never tried it because for the last year and a half I’ve been getting the monthly Birchbox subscription.

I decided to cancel my Birchbox subscription after 2 years, so I signed up for the Ipsy glam bag… after I was enticed with a bonus mascara for signing up LOL. I’m such a sucker for a freebie!!  I cancelled the Ipsy glam bag subscription after only 6 months… and here’s why:

  • I only liked 50% of the bags… I thought the January, March an April bags were hideous and so I gave them away.
  • There is no ‘how-to’ info card, to explain the products… or how to use them.  This was a big deal to me… because the extent of my make-up knowledge is mascara, eye-liner and lipstick.  I don’t experiment or do anything crazy with my make-up regimen… but I might if the glam bag included an info card like the Birchbox… or a how-to guide with tips… like I’ve heard the new Sephora Play subscription includes.

January 2016 glam bag:

February 2016 glam  bag:

March 2016 glam bag:

April 2016 glam bag:

May 2016 glam bag:

June 2016 glam bag:

The February and June bags are pretty adorable… and my favorite of the 6 bags!

I liked about 80% of the beauty products I received in the glam bags… which is an okay percentage.  I paid $10 a month, which isn’t bad to discover new beauty products… and some are full size!  A lot of great beauty brands included also…  I just wish there were tips on how to use the items in the glam bag.

I give this monthly subscription 3 paws.