Pillsbury Thin Mints Brownie & Cupcake Mix Reviews

Perusing down the aisles of Target… i happened upon these mint gems!!

Girl Scouts desserts by Pillsbury… each box is $2.99. They have other varieties from the Girl Scouts cookies line… but I went with my #1 fave… Thin Mints… and I tried the brownie and cupcake mixes.

I made the brownies first… which are OMG phenomenal! I mean… there is still nothing comparable to an actual thin mint Girl Scout cookie… but these brownies are for sure the next best thing…. NOM…. and super easy to make!  

The cupcake mix only makes 12 cupcakes but includes the yummy chocolate ganache mix to make the topping. The cupcakes are very good, but I think the ganache topping takes away from the thin mint flavor.

I’m not sure if these are a limited editon item,… but just in case, I’m going to buy a couple more boxes of the Thin Mints brownie mix!

I give this product 3 paws!

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