Boss’s Day Gift Idea!

Stumped on what to get your boss for Boss’s Day?

National Boss’s Day is observed on October 16th,… or the nearest working day.

This gift idea costs about $20 (plus liquor, in this gift variation) and is sure to be an office hit! 

Disclaimer: this was not my original idea,… but rather a variation of an ingenious idea a fellow pinner on Pinterest had!

The thick 20″x30″ poster board was $5.99 from Party City, I purchased all of the candy from CVS and I used black Sharpie fine point markers I already had at home, for the lettering. I used the fine point Sharpie because I found it easier to draw the lettering in pencil, then write over the pencil with the Sharpie and then thicken up the letters afterwards. 

Hot gluing the candy onto the board only took about 5 minutes… the lettering took the majority of the time… consuming approximately 2 hours.

I left the space at the bottom of the board, for the rest of my team to sign, before we present the gift to our boss. My boss is very fond of Jack… Jack Daniels whiskey LOL… so I signed the name ‘JACK’ (who is not a member of our team), in hopes that he’ll fall victim to my plan of asking… “who’s Jack?”… so we can then present him with the whiskey bottle gift!

With the variety of candy in stores, this gift could be tailored to your boss in so many ways. The possibilities are endless!!

I give this gift idea 4 paws!

Farmacy, Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm Review

I’m 37 now {gasp!}, but thankfully, I’m constantly getting mistaken for being at least 10 years younger… YAY! 

I love trying out new firming facial products, to find the best of the best, to keep me looking younger than I am! There is such a variety of products, with an array of benefits… no skincare is created equal! Just like it’s suggested to switch up your workout routine, to work the muscles out differently… I think switching up my skincare regimen about every 3 to 4 months, revitalizes my skin, keeping it from looking dull and tired.

Farmacy Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm has a retail value of $48. I discovered this product because it arrived in my April 2016 PopSugar Must Have Box. 

It is lightweight and transforms into a gentle oil gel, to replenish skin overnight. The problem I have, is that this gel does not absorb into my skin. Even in the morning, there’s a layer of gel,… and I’m using a nickel sized amount, which is the same amount I use with any other overnight firming skin product. Also, unlike the cream versions, I didn’t get that slight tightening of the skin feeling… so I didn’t feel like it was working.

The packaging of this product is super adorable and the brand name is quite clever,… but sadly I would not buy this product.

I give this product 2 paws.