About Kimmy

My name is Kimmy, I am 34, a serious animal lover, very crafty and I love fashion!  I do all of my own beauty “stunts”! No nail tech, stylist, or make-up artist here! I will try out all the latest and greatest products in the beauty world and give you my honest opinion of each and every product I try!

I also have a serious subscription addiction and I love to shop online… LOL… So in addition, I will rate the monthly “boxes” i get, products I try and my shopping experiences from various online companies.

This is Bubba, a.k.a. Bubb:


He is my precious 1-1/2 year old rottweiler and even HE has a box delivered monthly!   See the BarkBox reviews for what he does and doesn’t like!

This is Bubba with his brother and best bud… Bentley, my 9-month old kitten.  Even Bentley gets to try out products for my reviews!


I will give my kimmykat rating in “paws”. 4 paws is the best rating!


Meow for Now,

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