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Obama Llama Party Game Review!

You NEED Obama Llama at your next game night! Seriously,… go buy it right now, LOL.

The name is so hilariously ridiculous, that I was immediately intrigued. I bought it at Target, for $24.99, with the intention of introducing it during our usual family game time, after Christmas dinner.

We usually play traditional party game favorites like Scattergories, Charades or Catch Phrase… so getting the 20+ family members on board with such a crazy named game was a feat in itself! 

The game of… “can you find the rhyme in time?” has 3 different card types… ‘Describe it’, ‘Solve it’ and name specific cards of famous people, that you act out. For example… this is a ‘solve it’ question: Ace Ventura actor is very furry… Answer: Jim Carrey is hairy.

Learning a new game can be challenging, especially with 20+ alcohol-infused family members LOL… but this game is worth it! I suggest you read the game play instructions, then do a test round with each type of card… so that everyone understands how to play. Then split into teams… and let the shouting begin!

I will definitely be featuring Obama Llama at future game nights! Thank you Big Potato for your creativity. 

I give this game 4 paws!

Review of Tarpon Springs Castle Winery & Groupon

I was super excited when I purchased this $39 special on Groupon for the Tarpon Springs Castle Winery… that is,… until I called the winery confirming the hours of operation and inquiring about the scheduling of my tasting!!  YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED!!

The first time I called, a woman answered… only after several seconds of fumbling the phone… and did not have a business greeting… just a simple “hello”.  This is how the convo continued:

  • ME:  “Hello, I purchased a Groupon for the wine & chocolate tasting for two and I wanted to use the Groupon this Saturday, …I see you are open until 6pm… how long is the tour?”
  • RUDE WINERY LADY:  “Oh my gosh ma’am, (…gasp!…) you can’t just show up when you’re using a Groupon,… you have to have an appointment!  You’ll have to call back Wednesday so I can pencil you in.”
  • ME:  “uh, okay… thank you.”

I was SO caught off guard by this woman’s rude attitude towards me… that I had no other words, but to say in my most confused voice… “okay,… thank you”!  I stewed over this conversation for the next 5 minutes… replaying it in my mind in disbelief… as I got angrier and more frustrated over her lack of phone etiquette to a potential customer.  So I called back… and this is how that convo went:

  • RUDE WINERY LADY:  “Yeah.”   …(No greeting… just “yeah”… seriously?!?!)
  • ME:  “Yes, I just spoke to you about visiting the winery this Saturday and you said I had to call back Wednesday so that you could pencil me in… and I’m just wondering why I can’t schedule an appointment now.”
  • RUDE WINERY LADY:  “Because I’m not at the winery ma’am, we aren’t open right now!!!”  …(in almost a shouting tone!!)
  • ME:  “I work in customer service and you are being extremely rude… so rude in fact that I don’t even want to come to your winery & I’m going to contact Groupon for a refund!”
  • RUDE WINERY LADY:  “I’m normally not this rude.”  …(NO apology or remorse of how she treated me,…what-so-ever!)
  • ME:  “Well you’re extremely rude right now!” … and I hung up her!!

Was this lady for real?!?  I later discovered that they aren’t open on Monday… the day I called… but why answer your phone then?!?  I immediately told all my co-workers, friends and family this story because frankly… it took me a while to get over it!… plus I wanted to be sure no one gave this winery any business!  In using Groupon, companies are essentially paying a fee for new customers and business… WHY THE HELL would an employee be SO rude to a brand new potential customer… especially one that loves wine so much and could have given you A LOT of business!?!  Their loss.

I immediately emailed Groupon to notify them of this horrible experience and to request a credit for the full amount of this Groupon I no longer had a desire to use.  Groupon customer service responded to my email with sincerity and credited my account for the full amount within 4 hours!!

I give the Tarpon Springs Castle Winery NO paws.

I give Groupon 4 paws!!  They are a Meowvalous company!

Here is the Groupon you should NOT purchase:





Bounce-Off, Game Review



This is the perfect tournament style drinking game!  I purchased it from Target for $11.99.

When the packaging includes a seal that says: “Winner of absolutely no awards, but who cares?” …I figured it must be good LOL!

It says 2-4 players for ages 7+ …BUT, as a 36 year old who is an avid fan of drinking games… I think this game would be best enjoyed one on one, with the winner playing the next opponent and so on!  We made it a drinking game by taking a swig/ sip for every time the ball did not make it onto the playing board… which was SO often, that drinking full shots was not an option… or passing out on the floor would be LOL!!

I highly recommend you try this out at your next game night...a great alternative to beer pong… where drinking dirty ping pong ball contaminated beer is not included!

I give this game 4 paws!