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Gem La La Summer 2015 Tote Set Review


My summer tote set from Gem La La has arrived!  Did this months tote impress?… Or was it a sad disappointment like the spring tote?  A new tote ships every 3 months/ Season, and contains 5 – 6 pieces of jewelry and accessories in an exclusively designed reusable tote. Here’s what was inside my 2nd Gem La La package:

  1. Tote Bag, “Dream Big, Sparkle More, Shine Bright”  (Printed with a sentiment I try to live by… I will definitely tote things around in this!)
  2. Red Enamel and Gold Tone Pennant Necklace  (This necklace isn’t horrible… I just don’t like it & will be listing it on ebay.)
  3. Geometric Hot Pink Statement Necklace  (This necklace is SO gaudy!!  I like the ribbon closure, but hate what’s attached to it.)
  4. Black & Gold Earrings  (These are too big to be stud earrings… not a fan.)
  5. Twisted Gold Tone Cuff Bracelet  (OMG… this is by far the cheapest piece in the set!  The crystal looking pieces, are actually beads meant to be strung… so you can see the holes on the beads!  So tacky!)
  6. Silver & Rhinestone Chain Link Necklace  (I like this necklace… It’s very versatile and timeless… perfectly matches my style.)
  7. Gold Link Druzy Bracelet  (My favorite piece in the tote!!  I’m loving the druzy trend and will definitely be rocking this!)


I paid $119.99 for the 4 tote plan, saving me 30%, so this tote set cost me $30.  Gem La La claims you will get $200 worth of jewelry… but I don’t think this even comes close to being worth $200.  Since I only adore 2 of the 6 pieces, I’m still not a huge fan of this subscription… but… they have two more seasons to change my mind!

I give this Gem La La tote set 2 paws.

Review of Shopping at


Joss & Main curates flash sales that showcase specific design styles, seasons and trends for it’s members.  It’s free to join and have access to up to 70% off retail on housewares, furniture, decor, giftables, jewelry and more!  I bought this purchase via the Joss & Main app on my cell phone.  It was such an easy shopping experience and transaction!! Because I ordered items from multiple sales, …I received multiple packages.  Both packages shipped on time, arrived early and were packaged to perfection!  These are the must-have items I just couldn’t pass up!…

  • Owl Studs,  $19.95  (I just love owls!!)
  • Double-Sided Studs in Purple Marble,  $21.95  (Also referred to as 360 studs… I love this new trend & had a hard time finding unique ones like these… at this low price!)
  • Double-Sided Studs in Pave & Turquoise,  $20.95  (I love these in this gorgeous turquoise… what a hot find!!)
  • Set of 4 “The dog is Home” Stemless Wine Glasses,  $30.95  (These are just the cutest… etched with “It’s not really drinking alone if… the dog is home” LOL.  I love these!!… since I spend many nights watching TV on the couch with a glass of wine, cuddled next to my rotty, Bubba.  So one is for me, and I’m going to re-gift the others to 3 lucky people!  With a mini wine bottle and a dark chocolate treat inside …A perfect gift for the many wine loving dog owners I know LOL!)

Shipping is a flat rate of $9.95 and then you get free shipping for the next 30 days.  I paid $103.75 total for the above items, including the shipping.

I give the Joss & Main shopping experience, website and App 4 paws!

Gem La La Spring 2015 Tote Set Review


My spring tote set from Gem La La has finally arrived!  Gem La La is an affiliate of t+j designs.  I discovered t+j designs from a necklace of the brand, that I received in a Style Box.  A 10% off coupon was also in the Style Box and I bought 4 necklaces from their website: …and I loved them all.  So naturally when I received the email that they started the jewelry tote business Gem La La… I signed right up!  I paid $119.99 for the 4 tote plan and saved 30% in doing so.  Now every 3 months/ Season, I will receive 5 – 6 pieces of jewelry and accessories in an exclusively designed reusable tote.  Here’s what was inside my first Gem La La package:

  • 3 pairs of earrings  (I only like the double pearl pair… and even so, I wish I got the pave` ones)
  • 1 bracelet  (this bracelet seems like something is missing on the ends… like cones or spikes. I really don’t like this bracelet… at all.)
  • 3 statement necklaces  (I only like the one on the far right with the rectangular gems… the other two are hideous to me… nothing I would ever wear!)
  • “Ooh La La” Tote  (mine came with a giant stain on it… Ewwww!)


This tote set cost me $30 and Gem La La claims you will get $200 worth of jewelry.  I don’t think this even comes close to being worth $200.  I’m not crazy about any of the pieces… I could live without all of them and will likely resell most of them on ebay.  As for my stained tote… what a gross disappointment for my first set.  They also emailed a teaser, that a pair of crystal winged earrings would be in the Spring Tote… I really wanted those and wish they’d kept their word on that.  There are so many pieces of jewelry on t+j designs’ website that I love, which I haven’t bought, …in hopes that some would end up in my spring tote set.  Sadly I was wrong… very wrong.  I’m hoping the Summer tote delivers pieces that are more my style!

I give this Gem La La tote set 1 paw.

JewelMint No. 4 “Red Currant Tarte” Jewelry Candle Review


So…the 2nd jewelry candle I ordered from JewelMint… Fantabulous!  This is also an 8 oz. candle with a burn time of 45-50 hours, and is made up of soy wax.  It too contains a surprise JewelMint jewelry piece, wrapped in a special foil to keep it safe!  A ring is the only option for the surprise piece on this one, and there are several sizes available to choose from.

The aroma of this candle is Delicious… Tarte red currant, with vanilla undertones!  After only an hour burning… I can already see my surprise reveal itself… So Exciting LOL

I blew out the candle, retrieved it from the HOT melted wax with a fork and waited a few moments for the foil to cool before carefully peeling away the layers to reveal my newest accessory!


O to the My Gosh… the surprise is awesome!  I thought I was only getting one ring… and I got FOUR… I feel like I just hit the jewelry candle lotto LOL!  Four separate rings, gold tone, each with a different letter on them, to spell L-O-V-E… which is ironic… because I L-O-V-E this surprise!!  I wear size 8 typically for fashion rings and these fit perfectly on my ring, middle and pointer fingers. The candles are normally $29.99 each, but they were on sale… so I purchased it for only $14.00, YAY! I think these would make perfect gifts… I can’t wait for them to go on sale again!

I give this No. 4 JewelMint Jewelry Candle 4 paws!

JewelMint No. 3 “Grapefruit Rouge” Jewelry Candle Review


OH man was I excited when my jewelry candles arrived from JewelMint!!  This candle was the first of it’s kind I’ve ever purchased. These unique 8 oz. candles have a burn time of 45-50 hours, are made up of soy wax and contain a surprise JewelMint jewelry piece, wrapped in a special foil to keep it safe!  I opted to receive a necklace surprise (not a ring) at the time of purchase.

I didn’t waste any time and immediately lit mine up!  The aroma of this candle is amazing… Tart citrus and grapefruit, with floral undertones!  After only an hour burning… I can already see my surprise reveal itself… OMG I was more excited than a 34 year old should be LOL.


Because I absolutely could not wait any longer to see what was lying within the foil package… I blew out the candle and retrieved it from the HOT melted wax with a fork.


I waited a few moments for the foil to cool and then carefully peeled away the layers of foil to reveal my newest accessory!


I like it!  It’s a simple gold necklace that can be worn & layered with almost anything.  I love the chevron & geometric lines and sparkly details.  This could get addicting!  They are normally $29.99 each, but they were on sale… so I purchased it for only $14.00, YAY!

I give this No. 3 JewelMint Jewelry Candle 4 paws!

Review of Shopping on!


This was my first time shopping on  I’ve heard of the website but never actually visited & browsed around, until now.  My purchase arrived Very quickly… Just 6 days from the order date… and I’m a late night shopper… so it was probably more like 5 days!  I ordered 2 items and they were packaged up SO nicely!  The moment I opened the box and saw the perfect presentation, I knew Bauble Bar and I were going to be fast friends LOL.

It gets better!…  Enclosed with a sweet TY note card from my new “Swat Stylist” a.k.a. go-to Accessory Expert —Morgan,… was a free gift!!  A simple gold tone necklace with a tiny gold bar detail (perfect free gift BTW, to go with the company name… well played.)  And as if that isn’t enough… a scratch off coupon for my next purchase!!  15% off…and I’m sure I’ll use it!  Finally… on to what i actually purchased…


“YAY!” stickers on each preciously wrapped item… It’s like they read my mind on EXACTLY how I would like my online purchases to arrive!  I purchased an amazing silver tone dragon bracelet that is incredibly adorable and drop earrings with sapphire tone stones & spikes!  Obsessed with both pieces.  Both are intricately crafted, quality pieces of jewelry!


I paid $42 total, after saving 30% off ($18) with a coupon code and shipping was FREE!

I’m actually going to check out what new arrivals October brought to the website, right after this post… so of course I give this shopping experience 4 paws!!