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Ipsy Subscription Review

Does a girl really NEED 12 new cosmetic bags a year?!

An old coworker was raving to me about this monthly subscription… and of course I’d heard of it… but never tried it because for the last year and a half I’ve been getting the monthly Birchbox subscription.

I decided to cancel my Birchbox subscription after 2 years, so I signed up for the Ipsy glam bag… after I was enticed with a bonus mascara for signing up LOL. I’m such a sucker for a freebie!!  I cancelled the Ipsy glam bag subscription after only 6 months… and here’s why:

  • I only liked 50% of the bags… I thought the January, March an April bags were hideous and so I gave them away.
  • There is no ‘how-to’ info card, to explain the products… or how to use them.  This was a big deal to me… because the extent of my make-up knowledge is mascara, eye-liner and lipstick.  I don’t experiment or do anything crazy with my make-up regimen… but I might if the glam bag included an info card like the Birchbox… or a how-to guide with tips… like I’ve heard the new Sephora Play subscription includes.

January 2016 glam bag:

February 2016 glam  bag:

March 2016 glam bag:

April 2016 glam bag:

May 2016 glam bag:

June 2016 glam bag:

The February and June bags are pretty adorable… and my favorite of the 6 bags!

I liked about 80% of the beauty products I received in the glam bags… which is an okay percentage.  I paid $10 a month, which isn’t bad to discover new beauty products… and some are full size!  A lot of great beauty brands included also…  I just wish there were tips on how to use the items in the glam bag.

I give this monthly subscription 3 paws.