Neutrogena Hydro Boost Duo, Water Gel & Eye Gel-Cream Review

Hydrated skin,… is happy skin!

I bought this duo at my favorite go-to place for beauty products… CVS! I will typically use CVS store promo coupons to get the best deal, but at full price, the 1.7 oz water gel is $19.99 and the 0.5 oz eye gel-cream is $19.99. 

I don’t like to go the cheap route when it comes to my face & eye creams… because taking care of your skin by staying moisturized and protecting it from the suns harmful rays are key to looking younger than you are!!  I’d say these are medium-low in price, because there are definitely some pricier options out there… especially if you are considering the high end beauty brands at department stores! 

“The unique water gel formula absorbs quickly, like a gel, but has the long-lasting, intense moisturizing power of a cream.”

I would absolutely buy this Hydro Boost duo again!  It’s oil-free & lightweight… and quenches my thirsty skin, by locking in the hydration all day long.

I give this duo 4 paws!

Thanksgiving Turkey Wine Cork Craft Review!

I LOVE crafting with wine corks… and not that I need an excuse to drink wine LOL… but this is a good one! 

I did not come up with this ingenious idea…’Oregon Winette’ featured this craft on their blog in 2013… and I found it on Pinterest of course, LOL. The original idea on Pinterest featured the feathers made from pipe cleaners… which is cute… but I love actual feathers, so I decided to peruse the aisles of my local Michaels store for feathers that looked like they belonged on a turkey… and boy did I find some!

You will need the following items for this craft project:

  • 4 corks
  • 4 bamboo skewers
  • Glue Gun & Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Orange Felt
  • Red Felt
  • and Feathers!

You will also need these items or a variation of these items, to achieve the look of my completed turkeys:

  • White Index Cards
  • Double-sided Tape & Packing Tape (not pictured)
  • Black Sharpie
  • Yellow Highlighter
  • Paint Brush
  • Orange Acrylic Paint
  • Washers (for weight, painted black, not pictured)

Step by Step Instructions :

    1. Put a skewer in the center of each cork. Takes a little bit of force & it should go  1/2″ to 3/4″ into the cork.
    2. Glue 2 eyes on each cork. I like when the eyes look crossed & goofy, I think they are more cute that way!
    3. Cut the orange triangle beaks & red wattles/ fleshy piece that dangles from the turkeys neck. I did this freehand & had to adjust the cuts slightly to look size appropriate on the cork. Then glue them on.
    4. Glue on the feathers! The feathers I found were a 360 degree flower shape… but the perfect tones & prints for this craft… so I just cut them in half to make it work! Some feathers fell off/ apart in the halving process… but it wasn’t anything my glue gun couldn’t fix!
    5. Create your Thanksgiving themed messages on the index cards. I cut them in half and stuck them together with the lined side not visible. Then I wrote my messages with black Sharpie & highlighted the text with yellow highlighter and taped them to the stick using the packing tape for durability.
    6. Glue the cork turkeys onto the painted washers, slightly off-center & to the back, so there’s room to paint the feet on.
    7. Paint the feet onto the washers using the orange paint and skinny paint brush. Just 3  lines slightly to the left & right of the center/beak. You may need to apply 2 to 3 coats to get the desired look.
    8. Display on your turkey day table… and get ready for the “OMG those are so adorable” compliments!!

    This was such a fun project I did with my mom… and pretty simple too! You could also make more or less & use as name cards for your guests & send them home with the cutie turkey as a party favor! I gave one to each family that attended our Thanksgiving gathering… to adorn their tables for years to come!

    The possibilities are endless when making these turkeys… just like I used real feathers, changing the look completely! 

    I am so thankful to the incredibly creative individual who originally came up with this idea… and the inventors of wine LOL!

    I give this craft project 4 paws!!

    Wobble Wag Giggle Dog Toy Review


    Very expensive play time!

    I bought this unique toy at Ross for $9.99 and couldn’t wait to give it to my precious Rottweiler!


    Bubba definitely loved this toy and the silly giggle sounds it made… but it didn’t stand a chance against Bubbs strong bite! It wasn’t even an hour before pieces of the toy were all over the floor and I had to take it away. He was so intrigued by the giggles, that he wasted no time getting to the source of the sound inside.

    I love the idea… but it is NOT for all size dogs like the package says!

    I give this product 1 paw.

    Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Wipes Review

    I think they named these make-up removing wipes “positively radiant”… because that’s   how I feel after using them!

    I use a facial wipe every day, to remove oil, dirt and eye make-up… and these work perfectly! They easily remove my blackest black mascara and eye liner and the moisture-rich soy extract leaves my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 

    Visibly, my skin looks brighter…. and I can’t leave out the fact that these smell SO incredibly good! I’ve racked my brain over what the scent of these are… and the best I can come up with, is a fresh, natural, clean scent. It’s crazy that I can’t describe it better than that, but I can’t even find the scent info on Aveeno’s website! It must be top secret LOL. Just trust me… it’s the perfect scent for a facial wipe!

    I bought these at CVS with a facial care promo coupon, so I’m not sure exactly how much I paid… but they are typically $5.49 per 25 count pack.

    I would definitely buy these again!

    I give this product 4 paws!

    Pillsbury Thin Mints Brownie & Cupcake Mix Reviews

    Perusing down the aisles of Target… i happened upon these mint gems!!

    Girl Scouts desserts by Pillsbury… each box is $2.99. They have other varieties from the Girl Scouts cookies line… but I went with my #1 fave… Thin Mints… and I tried the brownie and cupcake mixes.

    I made the brownies first… which are OMG phenomenal! I mean… there is still nothing comparable to an actual thin mint Girl Scout cookie… but these brownies are for sure the next best thing…. NOM…. and super easy to make!  

    The cupcake mix only makes 12 cupcakes but includes the yummy chocolate ganache mix to make the topping. The cupcakes are very good, but I think the ganache topping takes away from the thin mint flavor.

    I’m not sure if these are a limited editon item,… but just in case, I’m going to buy a couple more boxes of the Thin Mints brownie mix!

    I give this product 3 paws!

    Spongelle Papaya Yuzu Body Wash Infused Buffer Review

    O.M.G. the papaya scent from this body wash buffer smells SO delicious… I mean… holy cow, it’s freakin’ amazing!!

    I got this from the June 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box… and I’m only getting around to using it now… a year later LOL.  The suggested retail is $16. I had never heard of Spongelle until now!

    Although it’s a product I absolutely love… I’m not sure if I would ever purchase it, because it’s so expensive! The sponge is a perfect body buffer, leaving my skin silky smooth, and the papaya scent is heavenly… but it only lasts about 10 showers/ washes. The time-released creamy lather is supposed to last 14+ washes… but on the 10th wash, it wasn’t as luxurious and foamy as it was previously.

    If I could get the 14+ washes out of it, the price point would probably appeal to me more. There are 4 other body wash scents available in this same product. I have not seen any products from this brand in stores, so most likely you will have to buy this online! The company website is, if you want to give it a try.

    I give this product 3 paws.

    Sally Hansen Salon Effects French Mani Gold Cabaret Review

    Gold glitter french tip nail polish strips?! …what?! …that’s what I thought to myself when I first saw these!

    Now that I’ve tried them… I’m more like… ughhh.

    The gold glitter tips peeled off both thumbs after only 48 hours… while doing a few dishes. I ended up peeling off all the strips the next day, which only took a few minutes. 

    I’ve been using the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips for years… long before I started this blog… and I’ve never had a bad experience with them until now.

    They were very easy to apply,… Gold glitter tips first, then the clear strips over the top of the whole nail… took less than 30 minutes total. I’m always on the go… so I love these strips because there is no dry time and there are so many patterns available! But… these did not last even close to the “up to 10 days” as listed on the box. I’m not sure if these didn’t have the same longevity as the full pattern strips because they are the French mani… but I would not purchase these again. 

    I do have another French tip design I’ve already purchased… with pink polka dots on white tips… so I will try those and see if they too only last 48 hours and report back!

    Depending on promotional sales, I purchase these at CVS or Target for anywhere between  $6 – $12. For more detail on these polish strips, read my other blog posts for Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips!

    I love the design, but not the quality…

    I give this product 1 paw.