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Sally Hansen Pedicure Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips Review


I’ve been using the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips, pretty much since they first debuted on shelves years ago, so I was glad to see they came out with the pedicure version.  I bought these #301, “Snake, Rattle & Roll” at my local CVS store last year, so I’m not sure exactly how much I paid.

There were 5 different patterns in the collection, …which I’m not even sure if they’re in production anymore, since I haven’t seen them lately in stores.  However, I did find them being sold by various sellers on amazon.com and ebay.com for under $10 each.

These polish strip kits come with a mini nail file & buffer, cuticle stick, 18 strips in lots of sizes and instructions. They are so easy to apply & could take 15-30 minutes, depending on the prep time you took with filing & cuticle adjustments.  Plus there is no dry time, ..perfect for us last-minute stylish girls on the go!  Here’s what my polished toes looked like (in my fave fuzzy slippers from Target LOL) immediately after application:


These wraps really hold up, with no chipping, even while my tiny “piggy” toes are rubbing against straps while in my 5″ stilettos for a 9 hour work day!  I also bought the pink snakeskin design “Pink Boa”, which is another fabulous print.  See my review on “Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips” for more info and detailed tips on my experiences with the Sally Hansen real polish strips.  I love these and wish they’d come out with some new designs… but if not… I may be able to use the kits meant for fingernails… on my toes!

I give these 4 paws!

Revlon “Jungle Gem” Nail Art Style Strips Review


To ensure I didn’t get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day LOL… I decided I would rock these super awesome, sparkly green leopard & black Revlon Nail Art Style Strips that I’ve had stashed away for probably close to a year!  I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to wear these “Jungle Gem” strips, since I only had the one set!  I purchased them at CVS and I’m so sad that I didn’t stock up… because I love them and cannot find them in stores anymore!  They are not even on Revlon’s website!!  I did some research and only found them being sold by various sellers on ebay for around $5 each.

They are so easy to apply and look great on… not even a top coat is needed!  These are made of actual polish… you can smell that evidence once you open the sealed package!  You will need to use them immediately after opening the sealed strips, as air will cause them to dry out!  Kit includes: 16 strips in various sizes, a nail file and wooden cuticle stick.

  • Prep nails for application: swipe them with polish remover & gently push back cuticles.
  • Select the strips that best fit your nails.
  • There is a clear plastic cover on each strip you need to peel away, then remove the backing of the strip.
  • Position the strip onto your fingernail, press & stretch for a smooth, snug fit!
  • Crease strip at nail edge and file off the excess so that only your nail is covered & there is no overhang.

I found it best to not file your nails during the beginning prep, per the instruction, but rather wait an hour after application for them to set… and then trim your fingernails with clippers.  This way the strips have nice perfect lines on the tips!  Here is the spectacular final result:


Of course I accessorized with alligator & frog rings to keep up the green theme!  There were several other designs Revlon created in this collection, one that I am going to buy for sure on ebay is an adorable red lipstick print called “Lips & Tips”!!  I am going to send my rave review to Revlon and hope that another collection of Style Strips is on the way!

I give this product 4 stylishly nailed paws!!

Gwen Stefani for OPI “Unfrost My Heart” Nail Effects Trio Review


I happened upon this Gwen Stefani for OPI Nail Effects Trio while perusing the beauty section at T.J. Maxx.  I bought it for $9.99…. which is a great deal, considering OPI polishes are $9.50 – $12.50 each when bought at stores like Ulta or Macy’s.  The trio comes with the following polishes:

  • Unfrost My Heart
  • I’ll Tinsel You In
  • So Elegant

The back of the packaging gives a few design ideas incorporating the polish trio:


I decided to do a variation of the center design idea… but making it more dramatic with a thick layer of “So Elegant” down the center.  I started with OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, then 2 coats of “Unfrost My Heart”.  It looks pretty great on it’s own too!  It’s got a textured matte look that I haven’t seen before in a metallic polish…


When I first started to apply the “So Elegant” glitter polish, I thought it was going to be very difficult to position the hexagon glitter pieces in an appealing way down the center… but it got surprisingly easier and took me only 10 minutes to complete!  That bottle is seriously loaded up with glitter!!  I secured the design with OPI Top Coat.  I wasn’t sure if my photos captured the glittertastic final result as I saw it in person, so I included 2 photos below.



I really love the way this nail design came out!  I haven’t used traditional nail polish on my finger nails since I started using nail polish strips and gel polish… so this has convinced me to incorporate traditional nail polish into my manicures more often!  The design lasted 4 days without any chipping… and I type at work all day!  Even though day 5 left me with some chipped polish, it’s not easily noticeable… so I will probably rock this nail look a couple more days LOL.  I didn’t get to use the “I’ll Tinsel You in” polish on this design, but I’m excited to create a look with it for my next mani!

I give this nail effects trio 4 paws!

The Style Box from SocialBliss.com: October 2014 Review


The October 2014 box theme was “Follow Your Blissas we venture into the season of sweater weather”, and contained the following:

  1. Wrist-Bliss Watch by Varsales, Sugg. retail $45  (Eww.  I am not liking this AT ALL.  It could be that I already have a couple watches that I really like, one of which also has a frame of crystals… but it’s a white watch and looks classy. This one just looks cheesy.  I’ll be listing it on ebay.)
  2. Traveling Scarf by Papillon, Sugg. retail $22  (I’m loving the print of this scarf.  I’m glad I got the black one… because I would not have liked the peach one I saw in the sneak peak!  It’s starting to get cooler outside, so I’ll be wrapping up with this very soon!)
  3. “Grab-N-Go Bliss Book” by Denik, Sugg. retail $10  (cute little pocket-size notebook …with an Alexander McQueen quote: “It’s a new era in Fashion.  There are no rules.”  I would have preferred it was lined… pages are blank.)
  4. Convertible Clutch by Silverake, Sugg. retail $35  (I am so over getting ugly, boring clutches… in fact I’m pretty over getting clutches all-together!  How many clutches does SocialBliss think we need?!  We’ll all need “clutch closets” if they keep this up LOL!  This doubles as a wallet if you prefer… but I don’t care… This will be on ebay soon!)
  5. “Matte-Hatter” Matte Polish by Nabi, Sugg. retail $3.50  (This top coat/ finishing polish claims to “transform shades of shine, into delicate dusk”.  I don’t have anything like this yet, so I am excited to test it’s magic matte abilities!  Look for this review soon, in my ‘Nails’ category!)

SocialBliss.com estimated a total value of $115.50.  I paid $42.95 including shipping.  (I purchased a 3-month subscription to save some money.)  This is my 8th Style Box.  Although it’s still a great value for what I paid, sadly SocialBliss.com IS STILL NOT DELIVERING style I like, on the “main” item!!  In this case, I really dislike the 2 most expensive items in the box!  If you are interested in giving it a try, go for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription for the savings!!

Value aside, I give this box 1 paw.

Essie Sssssexy Magnetic Nail Polish Review


I received this Essie magnetic nail polish in one of my Social Bliss Style Boxes.  (One of the better items I’ve received from my 7 boxes so far LOL)  I put this color on my toes, because ever since I tested out the gelliebeans at home gel nail kit… I refuse to put anything else on my nails!  I’m on a computer all day at work and if I don’t use gel… my nails chip SO easily! In case you were wondering… the gelliebeans gel polish on my nails is ‘Strawberry Froyo’!

The picture of my polished toes below is pretty accurate… the snakeskin design (created by the magnet affixed to the top of the polish lid) is not very visible.  If you were putting this on your nails it might be a different story since they aren’t at ground level all day!  The red wine color is still gorgeous, especially for the fall season and the upcoming holidays.  The bottle label gives precise instructions:

  1. Paint all nails with one coat.
  2. When putting on the 2nd coat, do ONE nail at a time —and IMMEDIATELY— hover the magnet over that nail AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN GET… for approx. 5 seconds!  You don’t have much time… they aren’t playing around with “immediately”!  I didn’t get it right the 2nd coat on the first few nails because I don’t think I was quick enough.  The 3rd coat finally worked, but then as you may see in the photo on my big toe… it only worked on a stripe down the middle of my nail.  I tried to move it around on the other foot and sadly got the same results.
  3. You repeat step 2 for each nail.

When I didn’t get the show-stopping results I was hoping for LOL, I hovered over nails for 10 seconds… FYI, that doesn’t get you a better outcome.  I followed mine up with an OPI clear & shiny top coat.


Sugg. retail is $12.00.  I think they are onto something with this science… but I feel that it needs some work.  It’s very hard to see that detail on such a dark polish.  I love the polish color and concept… I’m just not over-the-moon with the results.  I guess I expected a little more.  Maybe it’s my magnet that is bad?  I may see if there are lighter colors to try.

I give this Essie Magnetic Nail polish 3 paws!