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Olay Makeup Remover Towelettes Review

Infused with essence of honeysuckle & white tea, these Olay makeup remover wet cloths have a great fresh, and slightly fruity scent. They do work perfectly to remove my blackest black eye liner and mascara… and they do leave my skin feeling clean, with no greasy residue!

I purchased these towelettes at CVS to utilize a facial product promo. If purchased at full price, a 25 count pack is $6.49.

My only complaint about this product & the reason I won’t repurchase it… is because I prefer a quilted/ thicker cloth. After testing out so many facial towelettes, I appreciate when I’m also able to give my skin a quick exfoliation after removing my eye make-up.

I give this product 3 paws.

Olay Fresh Outlast, Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash Review


The delicious aroma of this body wash brings back all my childhood memories of strawberry picking with my family every Spring, …eating every other strawberry I picked, (not how it’s supposed to work LOL)!  Unleashing this cooling white strawberry & mint body wash in your shower, is as fragrant as sipping a yummy strawberry daiquiri …If only drinking in the shower was an acceptable, practical task!  Soooo, since it’s not LOL… this is the next best thing!  I picked this up at my local CVS for $7.29.

“Olay Fresh Outlast body wash is designed to work with your skin’s natural pH, so that with continued use, you get vibrant, fresh skin all day.”

After use, I am left with a refreshed feeling that outlasts my day.  At 700 ml/ 23.6 oz, …this bad boy will likely outlast 2015! LOL!!  I would definitely buy this product again… and if you’ve never been strawberry picking… you should absolutely rally up friends & family and make plans for next spring!

I give this product 4 paws!