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Sally Hansen Pedicure Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips Review


I’ve been using the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips, pretty much since they first debuted on shelves years ago, so I was glad to see they came out with the pedicure version.  I bought these #301, “Snake, Rattle & Roll” at my local CVS store last year, so I’m not sure exactly how much I paid.

There were 5 different patterns in the collection, …which I’m not even sure if they’re in production anymore, since I haven’t seen them lately in stores.  However, I did find them being sold by various sellers on amazon.com and ebay.com for under $10 each.

These polish strip kits come with a mini nail file & buffer, cuticle stick, 18 strips in lots of sizes and instructions. They are so easy to apply & could take 15-30 minutes, depending on the prep time you took with filing & cuticle adjustments.  Plus there is no dry time, ..perfect for us last-minute stylish girls on the go!  Here’s what my polished toes looked like (in my fave fuzzy slippers from Target LOL) immediately after application:


These wraps really hold up, with no chipping, even while my tiny “piggy” toes are rubbing against straps while in my 5″ stilettos for a 9 hour work day!  I also bought the pink snakeskin design “Pink Boa”, which is another fabulous print.  See my review on “Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips” for more info and detailed tips on my experiences with the Sally Hansen real polish strips.  I love these and wish they’d come out with some new designs… but if not… I may be able to use the kits meant for fingernails… on my toes!

I give these 4 paws!

Essie Sssssexy Magnetic Nail Polish Review


I received this Essie magnetic nail polish in one of my Social Bliss Style Boxes.  (One of the better items I’ve received from my 7 boxes so far LOL)  I put this color on my toes, because ever since I tested out the gelliebeans at home gel nail kit… I refuse to put anything else on my nails!  I’m on a computer all day at work and if I don’t use gel… my nails chip SO easily! In case you were wondering… the gelliebeans gel polish on my nails is ‘Strawberry Froyo’!

The picture of my polished toes below is pretty accurate… the snakeskin design (created by the magnet affixed to the top of the polish lid) is not very visible.  If you were putting this on your nails it might be a different story since they aren’t at ground level all day!  The red wine color is still gorgeous, especially for the fall season and the upcoming holidays.  The bottle label gives precise instructions:

  1. Paint all nails with one coat.
  2. When putting on the 2nd coat, do ONE nail at a time —and IMMEDIATELY— hover the magnet over that nail AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN GET… for approx. 5 seconds!  You don’t have much time… they aren’t playing around with “immediately”!  I didn’t get it right the 2nd coat on the first few nails because I don’t think I was quick enough.  The 3rd coat finally worked, but then as you may see in the photo on my big toe… it only worked on a stripe down the middle of my nail.  I tried to move it around on the other foot and sadly got the same results.
  3. You repeat step 2 for each nail.

When I didn’t get the show-stopping results I was hoping for LOL, I hovered over nails for 10 seconds… FYI, that doesn’t get you a better outcome.  I followed mine up with an OPI clear & shiny top coat.


Sugg. retail is $12.00.  I think they are onto something with this science… but I feel that it needs some work.  It’s very hard to see that detail on such a dark polish.  I love the polish color and concept… I’m just not over-the-moon with the results.  I guess I expected a little more.  Maybe it’s my magnet that is bad?  I may see if there are lighter colors to try.

I give this Essie Magnetic Nail polish 3 paws!

The Style Box from SocialBliss.com: June 2014 Review


This month’s Style Box theme was “Boho Chic” and included the following:

  1. Kimono Wrap by ‘Fate’, Sugg. Retail $50  (This was really weird.  I didn’t like the print & I didn’t like that it was a scarf that could be worn as a vest or kimono because it had arm holes.  It looked really strange as a vest or kimono & didn’t sit right as a scarf due to the arm holes.  I sold it on ebay for $25… didn’t look worth $50 to me!)
  2. Cat-eye Sunnies, Sugg. Retail $15 (OMG these are so cute!  I had actually just broken a pair too.  Brown/Black tortoise design on the frame is adorable.  Light-weight and UV protected!)
  3. Peruvian Warrior Ring, Sugg. Retail $20 (Info card says it is hand-crafted from Peru! It is adjustable so it fits perfectly, stones are cool grayish colors so it will go with almost everything & it’s unique looking.  I like it!)
  4. Essie Magnetic Nail Polish, in “Sssssexy”, Sugg. Retail $12 (I have been wanting to try this new magnetic polish craze & am super excited about this one!  It is a deep cranberry color & is supposed to create a snakeskin pattern when the magnetic lid is placed over the wet polish.  I’ll be testing this… so look for this review in my “Nails” category very soon!)
  5. Ulta Super Shiny Lip Gloss, Sugg. Retail $8 (A nice sparkly gloss in a sheer nude tone.  Simply beautiful…  Love it!)

SocialBliss.com estimated a total value of $105.  I paid $42.95 including shipping.  (I currently have a 3-month subscription which saves me a little money.)  I sold the main item in the box that I didn’t like, on ebay & Loved all the other items… so I am Very happy with this months box!  Great value —-go for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription for the savings!!

I give the June 2014 Style Box 4 paws!