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Mail for the Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Mailbox Craft Project Review


What is the most practical wedding gift when the bride and groom are in their 30’s, own a home and are already living in an established household?!… cards containing a monetary gift!  I wanted to come up with a creative way to house those wonderful gifts… so I decided to make this mailbox!  I saw variations of this project on pinterest, but I put my own creative spin on it.  For this project, I used the following:

  • Architectural black metal mailbox 20.8″L x 6.6″W x 8.8″H,  $27 from Lowes.com
  • White scrapbook sticker letters (I had these on hand)
  • Cardboard cut-out letters, silver with rhinestone detail (I had these on hand)
  • Rhinestone letter stickers (I had these on hand)
  • E6000 adhesive (I had this on hand, but I bought it at Michaels)

This was a super simple project!  Because the mailbox already had the straight line embossments on it,… it was extremely easy to make sure the letters were applied in a straight line.  Most scrapbook letters are repositionable, if you don’t press down firmly on them.  So when making sure the letters are centered left to right, loosely position the sticker letters on the mailbox, adjust until centered and then press firmly on them to secure their position.  I secured the cardboard cut-out Mr and Mrs letters with E6000 adhesive.

If your local Michaels or other craft store is anything like mine,… they have a whole aisle of sticker, rhinestone and cardboard cut-out letters to choose from, …so you can customize your mailbox to your wedding color scheme!

I give this craft project 4 paws!

Review of shopping on StumpsParty.com

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I am getting married in just 10 days… aaahhhh SO MUCH to do, which is why I haven’t reviewed much lately, …but… this review is quite unique and hopefully gives you all a creative idea for the holiday season!

Because my fiance’ and I cannot have our precious rottweiler, Bubba, at our wedding celebration, I decided to do some research online and see if I could get a cardboard cut-out made of him!  So for the photo shoot, of course I went out and bought a doggy bib tuxedo (Petsmart, $20) that is TOO CUTE for words!!  OMG seriously, isn’t he the cutest!?!  I bought size L and the velcro closure bib fits perfect, but the cuff links wouldn’t velcro shut so I had to use big safety pins.

StumpsParty.com calls them “standee’s” and they come in several different sizes.  I wanted mine to be life-like, so I purchased the “Larger than Lifesize” that stands 3′ tall.  (It’s a little larger than Bubba is in real life, but you can only tell that when he’s standing right next it… which he won’t be.)  First, you’ll see the actual photo I took and the second one is the photo of the actual “standee”.

The standee was $54.99, the shipping was $16.95, no tax, making the total $71.94… more than I would have liked to pay for cardboard… but we only get married once right? (Hopefully …LOL)  It shipped out the day after I ordered it… and arrived in less than a week from when I placed the order!  It arrived in a GIANT flat cardboard envelope-like box… which had dirty shoe marks ALL over it! Grrrrr… because of that, there was a slight crease in the cardboard/ photo/ cut-out by Bubb’s neck and the side of his face …not too noticeable, but unacceptable for a $72 piece of cardboard!!

Even though the standee has a crease and the photo coloring appears to be darker than the actual photo I uploaded onto their website,… I give this product and website 3 paws!

I am super excited to have cardboard Bubb with us at the wedding… and I plan on having him in my office at work afterwards LOL!